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Bora Arms Industry was established in 2004 in Üzümlü, Konya, and took its place among the first companies producing shotguns in Turkey in the 1970s and gained active experience in this field.

Bora Arms Industry, which produces in compliance with TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards, has gained a reputation in international markets by manufacturing the first magazine shotgun in Turkey under the name of the 12 caliber BORA BR99 in the AR15 model.

Later on, it produced 20 and 36 caliber versions of the same model and pioneered the Arms and Defense Industry in this field in Turkey.

It has passed the tests in developed countries such as America, Canada, England and Germany in international markets, complied with the quality standards and exported weapons to many countries.

We are trying to offer innovative products to our customers by investing heavily in R&D in order to meet the increasing demand in global markets and to produce at quality standards.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we provide 100% effective support in after-sales services by mainly performing all production processes, metal processing, plastic injection and all assembly processes in our factory.


Compatible with TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards

Bora Arms fabricates hunting arms appropriate for TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards boosting his safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality.

Incredible performance at unbeatable prices

Bora Arms is able to design and manufacture its own unique version of product down to finest detail thanks to its marvel of engineering which offers the best unequaled quality at the most reasonable prices.

We only sell what we manufacture!

All of the various manufacturing processes are carried out under one roof. We ensure to our demanding shooters, hunters and customers the top quality, reliability and total control over our products with cutting edge technology thanks to all of our capabilities.